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The motivations of our project have been discussed with the partners, identifying open issues and the possibility of developing important and transversal learning for the education of the students. We considered it necessary for our students to implement a project to let them experience and use music and movement in activities linked to the curriculum. Pupils participate with great interest in them and they are, in our opinion, also an international key to open up their minds and to promote the approach with the European dimension. Considering the target group and the large number of special needs students, the project will help them to develop personal skills in an international environment because most of the disadvantage and special need students very rarely move from their area to study/visit/meet/know other places/people/cultures. Music will be the tool to face bullying and cyberbullying and the more general topic of education to legality, aiming to make students good citizens.



The objectives we want to achieve are: - performance of activities that demonstrate the awareness of teachers and students about the Internet's user responsibility; - active collaboration between some teachers on eTwinning activities; - participation of several school classes in eTwinning projects; - participation, by some teachers, in one or more community educational events; - performance of activities that publicly demonstrate participation in eTwinning projects, displaying the logo on the school's website and inserting the project in the Ptof; - recognition of national and European quality certificates for a project carried out on the platform - making students get a greater European awareness - let a large number of students partecipate in the project - let the students better understand the value of inclusion


Processo de trabalho

The partnership will work together respecting a shared activities calendar that will let us show our job porductions every 2 months. The project will have 6 partners, the same of the KA229 project EA897DFF. It is starting with the Portoguese partner, but all the others will be invited to join this project, as described in KA229 application form. Calendar: May 2019: partner schools presentation September 2019: Welcome to school! Kids presentation November 2019: Music: tradition and innovation January 2020: Rap singers in the partner countries March 2020: Bullying and cyberbullying in the partner countries May 2020: A song against bullying: words September 2020: Notes against bullying November 2020: A dance for our Song! January 2021: Active EU citizenship March 2021: Being inclusive May 2021: Music show and photos exibition: our project! Each partner will have to: -involve special needs students -compose a part of the song -contribute to the dance coreography -organize 1 event

Material results will be: - music exibition - a rap song about cyberbullying as the Anthem of the project - a photos exibition about: movement, beauty and ugly, violence and love, that will be shared with all the partners thanks to an online exibition on the schools' websites. Through this we'll develop kids' creativity, practical competences and practical thinking. At the same time we'll inspire them to think creatively about environmental friendly future ways of living.



No matter if the sun shines
Or the rain falls
Everybody can feel it
No matter who you are
Or what life brings you
You have the right to be free
We live in the same world
And we must believe
Love is not a label
But something you can achieve 
Even in diferente words
Amore, dragostea, amor, meile
Love is the same 
All around the world
We live in the same world
We must understand
Inclusion should be an aim
And every one might give a hand
Even in different words
Inclusione, includere, inclusão, įtraukimas
Inclusion means the same
All around the world.


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